Water Jet

At AquaJet Manufacturing, we have been serving the Texas community since 2005 and aim to provide the same convenient, quality service that has made us one of the top shops in the water jet industry. We offer a full service water cutting facility with two machines capable of quick and precision cutting of many types material. The water jet process eliminates heat stress cutting and allows for much more precise cuts with material .005 to 680. In additional, fast turnaround time is available with this type of machinery with programming of multiple parts possible.

AquaJet Manufacturing utilizes several machines in our facility to take care or your project requirements accurately and efficiently to make your project completion satisfactory to even the most critical clients.

  • Omax CNC water jet cutting table with a 100”x50” (actual usable cutting area) able to cut material from 1/16 to 5” thick with accuracy of +/- .005 (up to 1” material)
  • 4’ Radial Arm Drill
  • Piranha 50 ton Ironworker
  • 12” DoAll Bandsaw
  • 16” DoAll Vertical Bandsaw
  • 4’ Press Brake
  • Plasma Torch
  • Mig Welder
  • Tig Welder
  • Cutting Torch
  • 36” Media Blasting Cabinet
  • Belt & Disc sanders

AquaJet Manufacturing is also equipped with several other precision machines to complete your projects – We pride ourselves on performance and quality of all our projects

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